Would you recognise yourself as an egotistical person? Probably not.

images-35No one likes to think of themselves as self-centred or conceited. This is the article by Edwina Langley in today’s Evening Standard on Steven Sylvester’s groundbreaking philosophy & book DETOX YOUR EGO.

It might be framed up as confidence, sold as ‘self-belief’, but in order to succeed in the toughest of industries, some level of selfishness is required.

The question is, what do you do with that selfishness when you make it?

zoolander-2-16… you train yourself to be self-serving in order to compete with your peers. On the way up, you become ruthless, shrewd and tough – and it works. Then you get that promotion, you become Mr/Mrs Boss. Then what? Let go of those characteristics? Unlikely.

It’s likely is that those behaviours have become entrenched – and very hard to shift (if you’re even aware you have them). You made it to the top, so what’s to stop someone else getting to the top and toppling you. You could hardly blame yourself for becoming even more egotistical, even more selfish, if only to defend your current status…

So how do you go from selfish high-achiever to selfless leader? The answer is a full-on ego detox.

Steven Sylvester, professional cricketer-turned-psychologist and founder of Leadership withoutEGO has a seven-point plan to see you through.

Think you (or your boss) might benefit? Take a look at today’s EVENING STANDARD article on how to Detox Your Ego written by Edwina Langley here┬áhttp://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/7-ways-to-detox-your-ego-in-the-workplace-a3180886.html


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