Views on the performance of the England Team during the Ashes

I was invited into the TalkSport Studio by Andy Jacobs and Paul Hawskbee to give my views on the performance of the England Team during the Ashes. At the time we were 2.0 down with two tests to play. Jonathan Trott had just left the team and returned to the UK and we were all looking forward to England making a dramatic comeback. I’d just appeared in the Telegraph with my view on Trott’s departure and everyone was talking about the high levels of stress in the England side.

During the interview I was asked by Paul Hawksbee “What would you say to the England team, 30 seconds before the game, if Andy Flowers asked you to have a quick word?” My reply and the rest of the interview that reveals my view on the negative impact of a ‘winning at all costs’ mentality is in the link below.

Click Here: steven-sylvester-talksport-jan-2014.mp3 (opens in a new window)

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