The Purpose of our Lives is to Serve Others

75247415_2432567020349955_789173435749105664_n“Things were beginning to fall into place and I was beginning to feel a lot freer and happier. This was the great irony; I had lost the opportunity to play the sport I loved but I had gained the chance to use my disappointment to help others.

I found this strange at first until I began to process the significance of becoming a better, more rounded person as I started helping others. I began to understand a lot of my competitiveness in sport was ego-driven and a result of misalignment between my values of fairness and what was actually happening in my life.

I found my true purpose was not to be that cricketing hero i’d always dreamt of being. Instead, it was to use my experiences of underachieving in cricket to help those more able than me, to achieve more.

As I continue to pursue serving others, I’ve had so many experiences of complete joy witnessing others achieve their ultimate dreams. I have come to realise that there is something more special in emotional terms, supporting someone else to live his or her dream”.

Taken from DETOX YOUR EGO,
Chapter 7 – Do you have a Purpose in Life?

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