The ‘much anticipated’ Bridge and Terry handshake

Whilst travelling to and from clients earlier today, I tuned into Talk Sport and I was compelled to Blog. In the morning Alan Brazil and Ronnie Irani were talking about Wayne Bridges’s decision to resign from the England Squad following John Terry’s betrayal with his former partner and mother of his child. In the afternoon Adrian Durham and Darren Gough were talking about the same issue.

They all gave a typical sports journalist or ex-sportsman perspective, that playing for England is everything and that Wayne should put what John Terry’s done to one side in order to continue his England career!

This was followed by many callers supporting this view that Wayne Bridge has made a mistake to resign early from the England Squad. This annoyed me as it showed no real sympathy for the emotional turmoil being experienced by Wayne Bridge.

There was some understanding of Wayne Bridge’s situation. One female caller (sorry forgot her name!) highlighted the courage and care for others Wayne has taken by withdrawing from the England Squad in order to prevent the Media circus affecting the team in South Africa. Kenny Sampson, ex England left back emphasised a similar perspective in saying that ‘something’ might happen with the players being in such close proximity for a six week period.

Perhaps, at a deeper level, both perspectives may reflect that it’s just simply unacceptable for one human being to let down another human being in such a public manner and then go to the World Cup for an extended period of time.

Wayne’s courage to relinquish a boyhood dream of representing his country at a World Cup shows the depth of pain and mental anguish he must be going through at the moment. This is under appreciated by the Media.

Having strong moral relationships is the key to success in life and performance and when we are let down in this, we need privacy to recover our sense of purpose and well-being.

For Wayne to have to deal in private with friendship betrayal is tough enough. To have to do this however, in the glare of the public only adds to the humiliation and the rage he must be experiencing.

Whilst, on the surface, the Media recognise the hurt Wayne must be going through, they are quick to focus on what they think is important. What does this say about our society, when our Media is asking Wayne to move on for sake of his career and winning the World Cup 2010?

I feel we as a society must get back to basics and realise there is a moral value to whatever we do. Therefore whether we are in the classroom, in the boardroom or on the sports field representing our country at the World Cup, it has to be done in alignment to moral code.

As a result, I feel Capello should look for an honest opinion from each individual player within the Squad to explore the moral component of the England Team and how they go about winning the World Cup 2010. The questions he should ask include:

Do England players want to win the World Cup at all costs regardless of friendship, morality and loyalty?

Or would the England players take the view that it’s better to go to the World Cup as a united group of players where each player feels a part of the England family with high levels of trust and a desire to work for each other, in order to win the World Cup?

I wait with interest to see how this unravels.


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