The Launch of the ‘world champion psychology’™ Leadership, Retention & Development Programme

In light of the tough market conditions we have seen a real need for companies to manage their top talent. The current climate has created an atmosphere of anxiety and feelings of vulnerability amongst the most talented performers.

With a widening of the applicant pool it means more top talented individuals have greater access to opportunities as organisations look to recruit high performers. Organisations need to protect themselves against this by developing a high level retention programme.

By focussing on retaining high performers the benefits organisations can expect are
* Happier and more contented staff
* Identifying that the right people are in the right roles, making the right decisions
* Better staff retention and development
* Reduced recruitment costs
* Increased margin and efficiency through quality delivery

In response to this critical situation, this month saw the launch of our ‘Leadership, Retention & Development Programme’ designed for both the individual and the HR professional.

Courses are booking and running now but the official press launch of this Programme takes place at Stoke Park Club in October 2008 and we will post the news and links in due course. Part of the service offered includes an audit to assist Leaders in indentifying their top talent and taking those selected individuals on a tailored development programme.

Other courses offered are for individual executives looking to be fast tracked in their leadership style to aid their performance in difficult market conditions. In addition we are running a one day workshop for HR and in-house trainers looking for extra support in dealing with staff during this pressurised climate.

The aim of the ‘Leadership, Retention & Development Programme’ is to assist companies in developing and retaining their top talent and creating a critical mass of high performers that will see their organisations into and beyond the next phase of growth during these difficult market conditions.

Now is a critical time for organisations to indentify this pool of talent and develop it further. For information on how you can benefit from these courses please apply through ‘The Services’ menu.


Stephen Kilpatrick (25/09/2008)

I’d be interested in meeting up for an initial audit of my organisation. We are going through a big restructure and I feel this process would benefit us enormously. I have enclosed my company details on email.
Look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Director Ascom

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