The Journey of Retirement – from Selfish to Selfless

Over the last month I’ve been working with various athletes from different sports including football, golf, snooker and cricket regarding the difficult transition of their retirement.

The Retirement withoutEGO programme allows the sportsman or woman to take the difficult journey of how to shift from self-absorption to a position of selflessness in order to find his or her future purpose. This process allows for the unravelling of specific psychological battles that eat away at self-esteem which inhibit happiness, freedom and personal meaning.

By asking the right questions, some athletes are challenged to dig deeper to find a greater purpose beyond their sport, whilst others simply reject it out of hand and become fixated on sticking with what they know.

What is your choice when faced with a provocative and soul-searching question?

Whatever the athlete chooses, they must have the same passion and commitment they had during their playing days. They must find new ways to think in order to resolve that “something missing” element that retirement brings.

In conclusion, this process enables an individual to shift from “selfishness to absolute selflessness”. It is not an easy road; it takes a lot of hard work and effort to find new solutions to their current situation.

Retirement withoutEGO

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