The Challenges Ahead

Well it is without doubt the most interesting climate to be consulting in right now! I have never worked in such a mixed market. Whilst some organisations I’m involved with are experiencing unprecedented growth due to their niche market opportunities, others are working on modes of survival and major reorganisaton. Each sector shares the same need for top talent and staff retention and this proves to be still the number one priority amongst my current clients.

I still think this climate offers amazing opportunities though, and there are some exciting times ahead. Where sport is concerned, I’m working with some athletes in preparation for the 2012 Olympics but the majority of my work won’t really kick in with them until next year. As this preparation continues I’ll aim to do an Olympic Blog and keep you updated. Until then I’m focussing on supporting the stars of non Olympic sports like Golf and Snooker.

Ali Carter won the Welsh Open last night, his first World Ranking Event. We had a chat in the interval which was a good opportunity for Ali to regroup and realign and he came out to the evening session like a man on a mission. Mission accomplished, it was a joy to watch. Well done Ali.

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