The withoutEGO philosophy®

in Sport 

The focus of our work in elite sport addresses this vital question below:

• How can you perform at your best when it counts the most?

Our experience of working with athletes that have crossed the line to become World Champions has revealed the following:

• Ego stops us performing consistently well.

• Ego stops us performing freely.

• Ego increases its activity when we are doing something important.

The withoutEGO philosophy® will help you to become your own practitioner, giving you the much needed freedom to perform at the highest level in whatever you do.  It will also help you learn from the experiences of world class sports men and women who faced similar challenges, opportunities and dilemmas, many of whom became the best in the World.

You’ll be invited on a journey of insight into the negative impact of the pursuit of winning.  You will be encouraged to explore a different way of doing things using a different lens to look through, in order to be the best you can be.

The aim of The withoutEGO philosophy® is to guide you towards achieving personal and team performance that exceeds all previous expectations, getting you ‘out of the way of yourself’ and giving you the absolute freedom to perform.

The withoutEGO philosophy® in Business 

Over the last ten years, starting with Enron in 2002 through to Barclays and News Corp in 2012, many organisations both large and small have faltered. Corporate culture as a direct result of poor leadership is often highlighted as the key contributory factor. Yet what causes this and how can it be prevented?

Add to this the deepest and most prolonged economic downturn in a generation and the reality is, that the business landscape has changed forever. Your competitors, customers, suppliers are all affected by these new market conditions and are having to find innovative ways to lower their costs whilst growing their market share.

Question: “Do you know how business leaders are dealing with this changing world and the new economic reality?”

The withoutEGO philosophy®  is an essential step enabling a leader to build and grow the organisation through their people. It is a dynamic process that helps these individuals to examine their level of fear, defensiveness and self-absorption. Research with World Champions has revealed that operating with self interest (Ego), at the highest levels can lead to an increase in fear, defensiveness and self-absorption, which can unwittingly inhibit performance and collective excellence. Conversely, performing without Ego (selfless), at the highest levels can lead to an increase in openness and an ability to express their skills freely when it counts the most.

The current economic landscape has resulted in more ego-driven decision-making, which needs to be addressed. Many MD’s and CEO’s have found that the Philosophy can significantly increase innovation whilst dramatically reducing stress and anxiety. This Programme can also significantly grow sales whilst also improving the level of openness, trust and alignment between the following groups of people:

  • Leaders, Directors and Boards
  • Managers and first line supervisors e.g. technical, operations and sales teams.
  • Cross-functional or cross divisional teams and those operating in a matrix structure.
  • Individual, co-workers and colleagues.

The withoutEGO philosophy® will create a high performance culture that delivers:

  • Improvement in performance, efficiency and bottom line profit
  • Higher levels of transformational leadership, organisational development and alignment
  • Increased strategic decision making and organisational clarity
  • Significant reduction of stress, counterproductive behaviour and individual and team derailment