Professional Cricketer experiences ‘being the best you can be’

I had a joyful moment today when I professional cricketer I’ve been working with gave me feedback on a recent performance where he bowled his best ever spell ! This got us discussing the reasons behind it and highlighted how we go about measuring our performance. His spell only yielded one wicket but yet he bowled with complete freedom and rhythm.

As a result we spoke about the former great English bowler Angus Fraser and his desire to bowl the ball in the right areas with the right feeling, as the most important element of how he measured his performance. Consequently Gus would be happy knowing a days bowling yielded great control, rhythm and feel even though it might have only given him one wicket. In contrast another spell with less control, rhythm and feel may well have given him a five wicket haul. This begs the questions as to what is better? Bowling with a feeling on control versus bowling just to take wickets?

In the modern game this highlights that young players are results orientated and have a focus on ‘winning at all costs’. This was accepted by the young professional as he began to realise that his purpose should be more to do with being able to control bowling the ball in the right areas regardless of the number of wickets that gets him. He enjoyed shifting his attention more onto his processes as he realised this is the only way to play the game.

We then touched on the need to have fun at all costs in order that the rhythm and feel to bowl well comes more naturally. Whatever we do in life requires rhythm and feel, however life triggers us to focus on getting the task done whilst generally ignoring how we feel.

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