Moeen Ali – Inspired By Faith

Aside from his cricketing abilities, Moeen’s brief international career has thus far shown us his remarkable temperament. To turn on match-winning performances of this nature whilst being in the media spotlight is highly impressive. So where does he obtain such a strong mental attitude from?

A recent interview with psychologist Steven Sylvester, who has been working with Moeen for the last 2 years provides some insight on the ‘withoutEGO’ philosophy which Moeen employs:

“His faith gives him a greater perspective where it’s not about bigger, bolder, stronger, more money, more success, staying hungry, the typical things that a lot of successful sports people are about. It’s about being humble and having gratitude. The programme we have worked through is about understanding selfishness on one end of the continuum and selflessness at the other end. The idea of ‘withoutEGO’ is what can you contribute back, what is your purpose here and what can you see beyond yourself.”

Sylvester said he was particularly impressed by Moeen’s ‘remarkable ability’ to nullify any negative judgement. It was however interesting to note that Sylvester seemed to explain Moeen’s strong mental attitude as a result of being from a family of cricketers; his brothers are also professional cricketers and his cousin has also represented England in the past.

However, Sylvester’s conclusion on Moeen’s temperament begs the question as to why Moeen in particular has superseded his brothers and cousins in his cricketing achievements? Surely this suggests that there must be another explanation?

An extract from the full article featured here:


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