James Anderson has been told he does not need to get so angry to success in Test cricket.

by Dean Wilson of  The Mirror


The England bowler’s aggression could land him in trouble again if he does not learn to curb his verbal outbursts.

Umpires seem powerless to stop players snarling at each other, as seen by Bruce Oxenford’s ineffective attempt to stop Anderson at Trent Bridge.

Anderson calling MS Dhoni a “f***ing c**t” will shock many fans, but players abuse each other routinely in international cricket.

Mirror Sport understands the ICC has been embarrassed by this latest episode – which is often their main motivator to take action.

While coaches and captains have backed his fiery approach, a top sports psychologist reckons Anderson would be better off without the ultra aggressive approach in the middle.

He is mild-mannered off the field and cricketer turned psychologist Steven Sylvester is adamant that this is the person who should be taking wickets.

“Jimmy doesn’t need to be so aggressive,” said Sylvester. “He would be better off being true to himself and playing with a smile.”

“He is such a good bowler that his skill speaks for itself and it should allow him to play without ego.”

“He is using up a lot of his energy being angry and aggressive. Instead of trying to be different when you cross the ropes, you should embrace your nature and let that flourish because it is true.”

“When you’re true to yourself that is when you should be able to produce your best performances. The win-at-all-costs approach is harmful for the individual and the team.”

Sylvester counts fellow England man Moeen Ali amongst his clients and believes he has embraced the ‘Without ego’ concept.”

“It is about authenticity, truth and purpose,” added Sylvester. “Moeen understands what his life and the bigger picture is about. That gives him the freedom to play openly.”

Anderson’s aggression has become more pronounced down the years. But after 371 Test wickets, he could argue his approach works.

Sylvester added: “I would say motivation would come from within, therefore it shouldn’t be a need to pick a fight or abuse another player.”

But unless action is taken, how can Test stars’ behaviour improve?

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