Middlesex CCC Psychologist reflects on their success as County Champions

Great to see Steven Sylvester the Team Psychologist celebrate with the club he played for himself in the early 1990′s – Middlesex County Cricket Club as they become the County Champions 2016.CgAdTL6XEAAcUEF

For Steven, helping and supporting other people achieve their dreams and goals is his lifelong passion. He always knew from a young age that he wanted to make a difference in people’s life and he tells the intimate and honest story well in his book DETOX YOUR EGO.

Having not succeeded as much as he would have liked in his own professional cricketing career, he retired from the sport and went back to University to finish a second degree in Psychology. After completion of his Masters he spend several years working for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) where he helped shape the pathway for young cricketers as one of their first Development Officers. He was specifically tasked in 2005 with the grassroots cricket, which had a tagline of ‘from playground to test arena’
Many of the young recruits in that system have gone on to have a wonderful England career.

SS_PB13786After several years in cricket administration and working closely with up and coming athletes and cricketers, Steven set about starting his own Psychology practice as a result of being approached by various sportsmen wanting help with their performance.

That was over 15 years ago and since then Steven has consulting with 7 World Champions and within many different sports including being the team psychologist for the British Orienteering Squad for 4 years that took him all over the world. His emphasis these days is Football and Cricket at both National and International Levels.

Being a part of the Middlesex CCC team goes way beyond a job, it’s his passion. The thrill of seeing the team achieve the ultimate success in winning the County Championships far outweighed any joy he felt at achieving for himself in his career ever. His focus is always on getting people to let go of the need to win and concentrate instead on using their well honed skills for the benefit of others, be it their team or their community. This releases the pressure to perform and allows athletes the chance to reconnect to the sport they love and develop better mental health.IMG_7586

When you spend a lot of time, one on one with individuals within a team, you get to know them intensely and the journey becomes so meaningful as you work through the ups and downs.

Middlesex CCC have a fantastic team that have displayed incredible collective excellence, no one member is greater than the team. Each player within the Middlesex team (both first and second teams) have stepped up and served their team well. Steven highlights their skill at supporting one another at all times no matter what the outcome, environment, result or situation – they work as one.

There was never a better display of this selfless cohesion than at the end of the season when they beat Yorkshire at Lords to become the 2016 County Champions.

ss_PB13837-2That’s a great job well done – all round.

Congratulations to Middlesex, the players, the staff, the coaches, the groundsmen, scorers, administrators, board and all the backroom staff and fans. Everyone played their part.
From everyone here at DETOX YOUR EGO

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