Interviewed by BBC on Sol Campbell’s Departure from Notts County

Whilst out for a ‘romantic meal’ with Claudia this week I received a call on my mobile from a producer at the BBC asking if I would comment on Sol’s decision to leave Notts County after one game. Much to my wife’s dismay and with the promise of being as quick as possible, I agreed to join the live radio discussion and found myself holed up on the phone in the restaurants office.

Interestingly during our discussions, comparisons were made between Sol dropping down the leagues i.e ‘slumming it’ and executives currently facing a similar situation by having to take pay cuts due to the recession. The only difference, as I pointed out, is that Sol doesn’t have to tolerate being in a frustrated positon. He has the financial clout to move on. In contrast, I am currently dealing with executives that have to acccept and deal with the frustration of reduced income, lower pension provision, reduced share value and limited career progression. One can only hope that a new way forward to relieve such stress and anxiety is nurtured within corporate Britain.

I will post the Podcast shortly. Also look out shortly for a website overhaul as we add new videos and more discussion topics. Have a great day.

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