Information from our latest Restructuring Campaign

We have been approached by a number of organisations recently to assist with their restructuring and in some cases the outsourcing requirements due to current redundancy programmes. In times like this the ‘high performance culture’ that a company may have once had in place, needs attention. We are offering our ‘World Champion Psychology Audit’ to these companies to make sure that after the reorganisation, leaders are going back to basics with the three R’s.

Right people

Right roles

Right decisions

The benefits of this ‘audit’ are:
Deep understanding of how your people ‘tick’
Critical mass of shared thinking – people aligned
Ability to attract, develop, motivate and keep the right people
Improved efficiency & bottom line profit
Reduced costs

What our clients say
“..Steven has worked with us through the design and
implementation of new management structures.
Steven did a tremendous job assisting the Directors of
Premier Group in working through the best structures to
take us through a period of rapid change.
He played a vital role in getting the personal confidence
of all the management team ensuring that individual
needs and concerns were fully understood and thus
ensuring a very smooth transition through our biggest
change management program in 10 years.”
Pat Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Premier Group

We have been able to influence the leadership and
culture of leading global companies helping them to
understand the DNA of their highest achievers and to
develop a critical mass of top performing individuals.

In effect we benchmark Leaders and their Organisations performance against World Champions and what they do to ‘cross the line’ under pressure.

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