How do business leaders grow their next generation of leaders in this new economic reality?

Over the last ten years, starting with Enron in 2002 through to Barclays and News Corp in 2012, many organisations both large and small have faltered. Corporate culture as a direct result of poor leadership is often highlighted as the key contributory factor. Yet what causes this and how can it be prevented?

Add to this the deepest and most prolonged economic downturn in a generation and the reality is, that the business landscape has changed forever. Your competitors, customers, suppliers are all affected by these new market conditions and are having to find innovative ways to lower their costs whilst growing their market share. As a result, it has become increasingly vital for corporations to select and develop key leaders that:

  • are seen as more effective and satisfying to work for.
  • develop people to higher levels of individual and group performance.
  • have a strong, positive impact on individual, team and company performance

Using the withoutEGO® philosophy for Business Leaders, some other important questions you’d be invited to answer are:

How are you addressing your leadership impact across different teams, depts. and divisions within your organisation?

What can be done to nurture a supportive high performance culture in readiness to maximise renewed market opportunities?

What are the current strengths, values of your work culture that can be highlighted and improved upon?

What are the current perceived weaknesses that need to be overcome?

What are the greatest priorities – that is, where can you focus to make the most difference in the state of their work environment?

How can you achieve and sustain a greater level of high performance amongst your leaders and teams? An environment where individuals are free to perform at their best, are committed, engaged and energized.

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