Expectations set – belief sets reality-Extract from the book “MIND GAMES”

Extract from the book “MIND GAMES”-Inspirational lessons from the world’s finest sports stars by Jeff Grout and Sarah Perrin.

What an athlete believes can determine the outcome. There is no doubt that in sport as in many other areas of life, there is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy. If you limit your beliefs, you limit your potential to achieve.

Steve Sylvester, sport psychologist, works with sportspeople and people in business to try and help them improve their self-belief. By talking to them and asking questions he brings to light what it is that is stopping someone achieving their goals. “Nine times out of ten, people are blocking their own performance”, Sylvester says. “They stop themselves believing that they can achieve”.

He has found that when it comes to the critical match situations or key moments in games, what people choose to say to themselves really matters. “That’s what makes the difference between success or failure, winning or losing”.


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