Day 2 of O2′s GolfLive Event at Stoke Park Club

Today was day 2 of O2′s GolfLive and again we were blessed with lovely sunshine and a strong enthusiastic crowd. The vibe has been one of great excitement to witness these golf greats up close and personal. I witnessed a tremendous session with David Leadbetter, what that man doesn’t know about golf technique clearly isn’t worth knowing.

Day two of my talk on ‘Discovering the truth behind inconsistent
performance in Golf’ went well, even better than the first day due to
an increased amount of audience participation. It would be great to
have larger numbers of attendees but I’m indoors and all the exciting
golf action is outdoors in the sunshine, I know where I’d rather be !
In fact I went straight out myself after my talk and that’s where I met
up with the crowds around David Leadbetter.

Another day that found me asking many questions of the visiting
professionals and perhaps at times probing a little deeper than
comfortable, but hey ho, asking searching questions and generating
thinking is what I do. To be honest the golfers that are here in
attendance at GolfLive are all awesome and very much know where
they’re at in their performance and for them to be taking the time to
share in this understanding with the crowds is such a fantastic and
unique format. This event is going to go from strength to strength so
make sure you get the dates for next year in your diary now.

I think the only thing missing from the event this year is the fact
that I’ve not got round to finishing my book yet and it would have
been great to have had this available for everyone to share in.
Without a doubt the interest generated from GolfLive has given me a
kick up the proverbial to get on and get it out. Until then I’ll keep
updating you via this blog and let you know as soon as its available.
Best wishes

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