The withoutEGO philosophy® has been delivered into both Olympic and non-Olympic sports across the world; this includes consulting with Olympic divers, Olympicimages track and field athletes and Olympic tennis players.

In the non-Olympic arena, we have experience with working in sports such as snooker, golf, orienteering, kick boxing, premiership football and both domestic and international cricket.

Eight of the world’s top 32 snooker players have used the withoutEGO® philosophy, including 2 world champions. Golf professionals also access the benefits of this methodology, including a Major winner.

with jamie wocThe Great Britain orienteering team were one of the first teams to utilise the withoutEGO philosophy® over a 7-year period including      4 of their World Champions as well as many other world class athletes.

The founder of  the withoutEGO philosophy®, Steven Sylvester played with and against world champions in professional cricket as well as consulting with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the West Indies Cricket Board, and several First Class Counties. ecb

Currently The withoutEGO philosophy® provides in-service training to various football clubs and consults with chairmen, managers, coaches and players from across the entire football league from the Premier Division to Division Two.  Leadership withoutEGO is also used to aid in the recruitment and selection of Manager’s within these clubs.  

Steven Sylvester also serves as a BPS recommended psychologist to the media offering psychological insight and opinion on all matters relating to attitude and behaviour in both business and sport and education.

Please see the Blog Section to read the latest media articles.

In the business sector, The withoutEGO philosophy® is delivered across various industries: Banking and Finance, Print, Recruitment, Property and construction, IT, Local government and Manufacturing. We work with CEO’s, MD’s, board directors and senior executives about how to generate consistent high performance through improving the alignment between leadership, culture and performance.

We have chosen to remove our clients names from their withoutEGO testimonials. This is further reinforced by our policy of strict confidentiality and anonymity due to the personal nature of data gathered during the in-depth process from our clients (many of which are in the public eye).

That said, if a particular client has given their informed consent and been publicly open to the press about their experience of the withoutEGO philosophy or their work with Steven, you will find their comments and  press articles in our Blog Section and via other social media channels.

Steven Sylvester and all our external consultants are bound by strict Codes of Ethics and Conduct through both the BPS and HCPC in relation to our Services.