Athletes coping with retirement from Sport -BBC Radio 4 Interview

Former world champion David Haye is likely to have to retire from boxing after sustaining serious damage to his shoulder, it emerged this week. However, many people will not realise the impact this sudden end to a career can have on sportsmen and women.

In an interview with BBC Radio Four’s Today programme yesterday (November 18th), Chartered Sports Psychologist Steven Sylvester explained that retirement can eat away at the self-esteem, particularly if it comes as a surprise.

Steven pointed out that there is a necessary grieving period afterwards as the individual realises that part of their life has come to an end – and unless they find something else they are good at to focus in, they may spiral into depression.

Steven advised anyone in the same position as Haye to plan their exit in terms of “what they can do beyond sport that makes them feel alive and protects their self-esteem”.


Listen to the radio interview here:

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